Reciprocating Panel Saw




  1. Main body is welded by high-quality steel carbon and profiles, u-bend table, retreat treatment, to ensure the strength of the body, shape more durable;
  2. The track adopts high precision linear track, and the accuracy and stability are solved.
  3. The machine electrical components, selection of advanced products at home and abroad, safe, stable and durable;
  4. Key type dust-proof cover could reduce dust to air pollution;
  5. Sawing speed with frequency conversion speed, can be used for different material sawing requirements;
  6. Movable Rear Baffle, so that the panels into and out of unimpeded;
  7. Sawing panel width has automatic induction, sawing finished automatic return, convenient and fast;
  8. The work platform uses the cylinder guide rail localization saw plate precision to be more accurate;
  9. Air-floating table surface can effectively protect the table surface from scratch.